Know a Navigator: Meet Pamela


Pamela P. has been a Navigator with the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida for the past six months where she covers Nassau and Duval counties.

“It is very satisfying helping consumers get their questions answered and help them get health insurance for the first time,” said Pamela about being a Navigator. She fondly recalls the rewarding and memorable experience of helping a self-employed, uninsured father get health coverage, and looks forward to the next Open Enrollment Period.

Pamela enjoys working alongside the Players of Wolfson Children’s Hospital, which she says is “hands down the best organization to partner with at outreach events.”

A stay-at-home mom for more than 20 years who ran a successful equestrian riding facility, Pamela credits the Health Planning Council as a great stepping stone for to get back into the real work place. When she isn’t navigating, Pamela’s hobbies range from spotting deer and foxes in her neighborhood to adrenaline-rushing activities like jumping her horse, drag racing, and zip-lining!

If you are looking to #GetCovered in Nassau or Duval counties, contact Pamela today at

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