Know a Navigator: Meet Anne P.


Anne P. is a Navigator with Primary Care Access Network in Central Florida where she has worked for more than two years. She worked for over a decade in international public health before switching to domestic health care issues in 2003. She specializes in reproductive health and medical interpreting, among other areas of health care.

Anne believe that coverage provides peace of mind to consumers who otherwise live in fear that they are one illness or accident away from either financial ruin or possibly death. Her most memorable enrollment experience is when she managed to get a woman with multiple chronic disease enrolled in a plan. The consumer thanked me from the bottom of her heart for helping her get access to quality health coverage. Personally, Anne values the Affordable Care Act’s physical therapy benefit because she is a former triathlete trying to get active again after recuperating from an injury.

When she isn’t traveling down State Road 441 to Mount Dora (the local Lake Cares Food Pantry executive director knows the best restaurants!) to assist consumers, she is counting down the days for upcoming trips to North Carolina and Tennessee. When she isn’t serving her community, she can be found spending time with her triplets or at an Orlando City Soccer game.

Stay in touch with Anne and get free, local enrollment assistance in Central Florida by emailing her at

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