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How To Use Your New Marketplace Health Coverage

Congratulations on enrolling in 2016 health coverage! Now that you’re covered, here are a few tips to help you stay healthy and get the care you need.

3 ways to use your health insurance to stay healthy

  • Find a doctor and get medical care: If you don’t have a doctor, check your plan to find one in your network. If you get medical services from a provider in your plan’s network, you’ll pay lower prices than you would without insurance. That can save you hundreds of dollars per year, even if you don’t meet your deductible.
  • Learn about your prescription benefits: Health plans help pay the cost of certain prescription medications. Some plans offer reduced prices on generic drugs even before you’ve met your deductible.
  • Stay healthy with preventive benefits: All health plans sold through the Marketplace cover a set of preventive services at no cost to you when delivered by a network provider. These include some screenings, check-ups, patient counseling, and wellness services.

If you’ve never had health insurance or if it’s been a while, you can get more information about using your coverage and improving your health using our Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You (PDF).

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