Final Days Until the Deadline: Enroll by Tomorrow to Start the New Year with Coverage!

December 15 is the last day to enroll if you want your health plan to start on January 1

Tampa, FL – December 15, the first major deadline of this Affordable Care Act open enrollment period, is rapidly approaching. Uninsured Floridians who want to enroll in quality, affordable health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace must enroll by that date if they want their new coverage to begin on New Year’s Day. For consumers who need to renew their coverage, midnight on December 15 is the deadline to choose a plan so they don’t experience any gap in coverage as the new year begins.

Following the election, many consumers have questions about the future of the Affordable Care Act, and their ability to enroll in quality, affordable health insurance. Anyone who enrolls in coverage by December 15 will be able to use their coverage beginning on January 1, 2017,

Here are three things every Florida resident needs to know about getting covered by December 15: 

         1. The first open enrollment deadline is December 15. The open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace will last three months, from November 1 until January 31, 2017. During this time, Floridians are able to enter the Marketplace and select a plan that fits their needs and budget. Floridians who currently have coverage through the Marketplace or an individual plan outside the Marketplace will continue to have an opportunity to shop the new options available and find the best plan for them. Enrolling by December 15 will guarantee that their coverage will start on New Year’s Day.

      2. Many Floridians got financial help to make their plan more affordable! For many health care customers in our State affordability is a real concern in their decision-making. In the past, high premium costs have forced many to go without health insurance simply because they couldn’t afford it. Fortunately, financial help is still available to help Floridians enroll in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace for 2017.
 To find out how much financial assistance you qualify for through the Affordable Care Act, you can check out the Get Covered Calculator tool at

       3. In-person help is available to help you understand your options and enroll in a plan. The enrollment process can be confusing for many, especially with so much news coverage of the politics of the Affordable Care Act. Fortunately, there is free, factual in-person enrollment help available to help Florida consumers understand their options and enroll in coverage. These are unbiased experts in your community who are certified to sit down with you, explain your options, and help you make the best coverage decision for you and your family. They can also help you renew your plan if you’re already insured through the Affordable Care Act and want to keep your coverage or choose a new plan. You can find someone near you by visiting or calling 877-813-9115.

The Affordable Care Act hasn’t changed, and you can still enroll in quality, affordable health insurance for 2017. You can learn more about the Affordable Care Act, your coverage options, and how you can help your friends and family get covered at

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