Frequently Asked

When is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment begins November 1, 2022, and should last until January 15, 2023. Outside of this time, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you’ve had a life qualifying event. These include loss of coverage from an employer or Medicaid, a permanent move in residence, getting married, having a baby, etc. See a complete list here: Special Enrollment Period.

How much do plans cost?

The cost of the plan to you depends on your age, where you live, and your income. You can shop now to get an estimate by using the preview tool.

How do I qualify for financial assistance?

More than 90% of Floridians receive help for their coverage. In order to qualify, you need to estimate a taxable income. Because of the changes in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), there is no longer a maximum income to qualify for tax credits (financial help). For more in-depth information about how ARPA will affect Marketplace coverage, click here.

What income counts to qualify for financial assistance?

  • Gross wages from a job
  • Self-employment income
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Social Security or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)
  • Rental or royalty income
  • Retirement or pension income or capital gains
  • Taxable scholarships
  • Alimony (if divorced was final before Jan 1, 2019)

How to get or stay on a parent’s plan?

Once you’re on a parent’s job-based plan, in most cases you can stay on it until you turn 26. If you’re covered by a parent’s job-based plan, your coverage usually ends when you turn 26. But check with the employer or plan. Some states and plans have different rules.

How do I enroll?

There are three ways to enroll:
1) Schedule an appointment with one of our local navigators. Schedule an appointment
2) Internet: Visit Our Connector Page
3) Call a Covering Florida Navigator: 1-877-813-9115

What information do I need for the application?

You’ll need to have the names, birthdates, and social security/ITN numbers of all the people in your household, even the ones who do not need health insurance. You’ll also need an estimate of your income, which is found on your latest tax return and/or recent pay stubs.

If you were not born in the U.S., we strongly encourage you to have ready a copy of your U.S. Passport, a Permanent Resident Card, or other documents that demonstrate your immigration status.

If someone in your household has health insurance offered by an employer, you’ll need the employer’s name, address, and phone number as well as the monthly cost of the lowest-priced plan.

What is the Special Enrollment Period?

If you miss the Open Enrollment Period, there are several situations that will allow you to enroll later. These include loss of coverage from an employer, a permanent move in residence, getting married, having a baby, etc. See a complete list here: Special Enrollment Period.

What if my employer's health insurance is too expensive?

If your employer offers you health insurance and the lowest priced plan that has comprehensive benefits does not cost you more than 9.61% of your salary, you could purchase a plan on the Marketplace but would not receive any financial help. Generally, you will pay less for your employer’s plan because your employer is contributing to the cost.

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